Criminal Justice Reform

The Alicia and Jason Lee Foundation actively supports criminal justice reform and released citizen re-entry initiatives. Alicia and Jason are believers in equity and fair representation. The Foundation supports The Kalief Browder Foundation, an organization dedicated to education, equity, and the rights of the falsely accused. The Kalief Browder Foundation produced Time: The Kalief Browder Story, in collaboration with Netflix, to highlight the travesty of false imprisonment and unlawful prosecution.

The Alicia and Jason Lee Foundation also supports The House of Renewed Hope, a non- profit private investigation firm dedicated to the exoneration of wrongfully convicted prisoners.  Alicia and Jason are staunch advocates for the truth, especially where victims of wrongful imprisonment lack the resources needed for adequate legal representation. The Alicia and Jason Lee Foundation also supports the Innocence Project and Defy Ventures, where Jason serves as a judge for the entrepreneurship contests.