About Us

Jason and Alicia Lee

Alicia Lee

Alicia Lee co-founded the Alicia and Jason Lee Foundation with her husband, Jason, in 2020.  Alicia is a long time veteran of the financial services industry.  She has a passion for social justice, especially in New York City.  Ms. Lee is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University. 

Jason Lee

Jason Lee co-founded The Alicia and Jason Lee Foundation with his wife, Alicia, in 2020. Throughout Jason’s long-standing career in the financial services industry, he has dedicated time to philanthropic endeavors he believes deeply in.  He has served as Chairman of the Board of SafeSpace, a social services non profit based in New York City dedicated to family rights advocacy.  He is the Founder and CEO of DailyPay. Jason is also active in criminal justice reform, supporting numerous organizations focused on fair representation, equity, and re-entry.

Mr. Lee was named one of Top 20 Digital Innovators in Benefits, by Employee Benefit News .  Mr. Lee is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.