jason lee nyc life and work

Read the interview with our co-founder Jason Lee where he speaks about his life and work in NYC and talks about Alicia and Jason Lee Foundation work.

Here is the fragment of the interview:

We understand you are also involved in charity work to support New York, would you like to share some of your charity projects with us and if there are more opportunities available to support your projects?

In 2020, alongside my wife, I founded the Alicia and Jason Lee Foundation based in New York City. We really have three pillars that are close to our hearts that we dedicate our support around, namely relating to criminal justice reform, financial literacy, and community initiatives. In 2021 we began an initiative to sponsor free self-defense classes in New York City for elderly Asian-Americans following the rise of violence against Asians. The results were truly amazing, and a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of New Yorkers. Since we initially supported that effort, these self-defense classes have grown beyond New York and have become a national offering, sponsored by major brands around the country. We’re always looking for organizations that align with our philanthropic efforts.

The full story is here.